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Ryan Keely enters the massage parlor to be greeted and embraced by Kiarra Kai. Kiarra Kai says she must have Ryan Keely as her two-o’clock client. Kiarra then begins but abruptly stops when Ryan recognizes her. Oh, hi Mrs. Keely, Kiarra says. Ryan exclaims, “Hi Kiarra,” with a nervous smile. Ryan confides that she didn’t know Kiarra was here. Yes, her parents moved when she was 18 so she became a Masseuse to help pay the bills. Then there is awkward silence for a second.
Ryan was here to get a massage. Kiarra interrupts the silence by having a good laugh. Ryan laughs. Ryan points out that the class she is teaching Kiarra in at college is not the only one she handles. Ryan states that sheA’s taken on a lot of courses this semester and has been very stressed. Kiarra smiles and says that she could definitely help Ryan. Is it better to wait until her masseuse arrives or go into the bedroom and wait? Ryan questions. Kiarra brightly replies, “Well, she’s already here!” Ryan looks around, confused. SheA isn’t sure —, Ryan starts. Kiarra laughs good-naturedly. A’No, no, I mean IA’M your masseuse today!A’ Kiarra chuckles.
Ryan exclaims with a self conscious laugh. Ryan softly says that she didn’t mean to offend, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for Kiarra massage her. Oh ….yeah…she understands, Kiarra said, trying to hide her disappointment. Kiarra proposes that Ryan go into the massage area and settle in. Kiarra helpfully adds that she will send another masseuse to care for her. Ryan is relieved to hear that it would be so great. Ryan apologizes for the inconvenience. Kiarra replies, “I’m sorry!” Ryan smiles, and then proceeds to the massage area.
Ryan is still waiting, so Kiarra calls Kasey Miller her coworker to give the massage. Kasey mischievously reveals to her that she had another idea. Kasey is in agreement.
Kasey asks Ryan to take her clothes off in the massage room. Kiarra looks through the door as she takes off her clothes and catches a glimpse at RyanA’s naked body. Kiarra licks her lips in approval. Kiarra and Kasey exchange a look as Kiarra gives Kasey a encouraging thumbs up. Ryan doesn’t see any of it and lies down face-down on the table. Kasey starts the massage.
After massaging Ryan for some time, Kasey tells Ryan that she must get more oil. She will be back. Instead of returning, Kiarra enters and replaces KaseyA. Ryan dreamily says, “Ah, sheAs back,” while her eyes are still closed. Mm hmm, Kiarra says, pouring oil on RyanA’s back. Keep going, good! Ryan agrees in blissful agreement. Kiarra smacks Ryan’s back and loves her teacherAs body as she massages it. Soon, Kiarra is working her way down RyanAs back to massage her ass. Ryan sighs in delight.
Kiarra keeps on stroking RyanA’s sex, adding more oil to the massage as it becomes more erotic. Kiarra notices Ryan getting swept up and she presses her luck, gently grazing RyanAs sexy. Ryan gasps but doesnA’t resist. Ryan smiles and says, “Ohhhhhhh!” Ryan says, “That feels great, don’t stop!” Kiarra starts to gently caress RyanA’s pussy.
Ryan sighs inexorably as Kiarra intensifies her finger-bagging, and Ryan raises her arms to the sky, ready for the thrusts from KiarraA. Kiarra’s finger-banging has reached fever pitch and she suddenly says, “Oh yeah, A” without even thinking. Ryan hears this and opens his eyes. Now …, Ryan pauses and exclaims: “That voice!” She quickly turns her head. She gasps in shock as she looks up to see Kiarra. Kiarra?! Ryan squirms in disbelief at how she —?, could have done that. Ryan shakes her head, claiming that if she knew it was Kiarra who gave her the massage she wouldn’t have allowed it to go so far. This is so wrong! Kiarra points out that Ryan was not complaining just a moment ago. TheyAren’t IN class, Kiarra admits seductively as she caresses Ryan’s leg. Ryan smiles. Kiarra smiles at Ryan. They exchange passionate kisses as their lips meet.
RyanA isn’t complaining that Kiarra created a trap for her teacher.

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